Not C-41

I reached my hand into the side pocket of a 2002 Mazda Minivan whose title I recently purchased from my parents. I found a roll of film, having recently purchased a Canon EOS G I was enthused to have freely picked up something with which to shoot my new EOS G camera. I decided to use this as an opportunity to learn. Learn I did.

The film was peculiar for a couple reasons. Firstly it had a name I didn't recognize. Something not quite Kodak or Fuji. Secondly, as I learned when I went to develop it, it wasn't C-41 emulsion film. This was a headache.

To get it developed was a long search on the internet. Eventually I gave up citing lack of time to dedicate to the project. I gave the roll to my grandfather and a couple months later Skyped to confirm that I wanted it developed. It returned to me by suitcase in early March, roughly eight months after I finished shooting it.

It was incredible to see what happened with the film once it was developed. Scanning through it on the contact sheet I saw moments and memories from summer, photos I barely remembered existed. Some looked obscured with a pale blue glare on an angle. I copied the files and glanced through on my computer.

I have no idea how but I think a lot of the images ended up double-exposed. My best guess is that my mom originally shot the roll of film in Siesta Key, Florida on a family vacation. The location and timing for a film camera seem right, plus the bright blue skies, white terraced homes, and sunny palm trees seem to add up to Florida as well.

Originally the plan was to use the same 50mm lens on a film and digital body and compare the differences. Beyond film grain and color rendition. This didn't happen due to the huge delay in processing, and it won't happen now.

I'm really happy having waited so long on this obscure roll of film. The fact that it was double exposed is also a really cool treat, and something I've never taken advantage of when shooting. All in all, I'm really happy with the saga of the Non C-41 film.

Pavel Rozman
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